The Next Level Planning Group

Our Mission

Our Mission as Your Financial Planning Team

To be able to step into your shoes and see the priorities in life as you do

To work consultatively with you in discovering the most optimal methods of aligning your financial resources with your personal values

To be as objective as possible in our recommendations and descriptions of particular investment, insurance, and financial planning vehicles

To be open-minded towards new ideas, actively continue our education as students of the financial planning profession, and share what knowledge and expertise we have with our colleagues as well as with you

To be the most compelling option for you in all the services in which we specialize, knowing that we exist in a highly competitive industry

To be transparent about how we are compensated

To be able to say by the end of our process, in language you understand, “knowing both you and the financial world as we do–if we were in your shoes, here’s what we would do”

To earn the right, after helping you excel in your financial planning, to help other people you know and care about reach a similar level in theirs