Step 4.

Carry Out Action Steps
with Efficiency and Precision

This step is where we remove our “architect” hat, put on our “hard hat,” and serve as your seasoned General Contractor overseeing the implementation of your financial plan.

  • Facilitate meetings with your attorney (providing referrals upon request)
  • Communicate with you and your attorney through every stage of the process
  • Serve as “chief translator” for both sides
  • Review drafts of documents on their way to being executed
  • Play out the estate plan to its logical conclusions so we can decide from there: is this what we really want?
  • Make sure the project stays on track and the proper momentum is maintained
  • Once the documents have been executed or amended, make sure your assets are correctly aligned with the estate plan through proper titling and beneficiary designations

  • Translate the strategies into a simple series of action steps, as captured in the Vitalization Guide
  • State clearly where we feel it is important to collaborate with your tax advisor and rely on them for further analysis, guidance, and advice
  • Facilitate meetings with your tax advisor (providing referrals upon request) to make sure that the strategies we have recommended get carried out in a timely fashion and are reported correctly in your tax returns and other filings

  • State clearly what we think is your appropriate option
  • Lean on your personal and business banking professionals for analysis, guidance, and advice, facilitating clear and effective communication, and making sure that your needs are addressed in their order of priority to you
  • Follow up, serve, and advocate as needed until the changes that will make your life better have gone into effect

  • Produce a customized Investment Playbook that maps out the specific strategies with which to populate each of your various accounts, in light of the unique contours of your tax situation, workplace retirement plans, and personal preferences
  • Carry out the intricate administrative tasks involved in opening new accounts, transferring assets, and placing trades so that your new portfolio becomes a reality in a smooth, transparent, and efficient manner

In the areas of life, disability income, and long-term care insurance, serve as your personal agent, scouring the marketplace for the policies that  match the desired outcomes mapped out in your financial plan

  • Handle all of the administrative details involved in applying for coverage
  • Negotiate with carriers on your behalf when they hesitate to give you the offer we think you deserve
  • With respect to other types of insurance, such as health and property/casualty, make sure you have the  coverage with the proper level of service, providing referrals to other skilled professionals when appropriate