Step 3.

Turning Your Answers into Action

By this point, we have spent a lot of time together:

  • Identifying Financial Planning Questions
  • Discussing your personal Values
  • Composing and confirming your Compelling Vision of the Future
  • Constructing a detailed, precise, and flexible Framework for Making Optimal Decisions
  • Putting you in the driver’s seat as we explore the different ways to mix and match financial strategies in pursuit of the combination that best balances out all of your competing desires, grounded in the reality of your exact situation and a clear rendering of the world around you
  • Summarizing the key findings from all of our discussion and analysis through plainly-written Answers to you Financial Planning Questions

It is time to begin the third of four stages in our planning process:


Bring Life to the Plan

We translate the recommendations from your financial plan into a clear and concise “punch list.” This tool, which we call a Vitalization Guide, describes all of the discrete action steps necessary to help you optimally align your financial arrangements with the present and future you want most.


Categorizing all of the action items by type and organizing them from “not yet initiated” to “in process” to “done,” this guide serves as a “how-to” manual that, if followed accurately, will help make sure all of the great ideas and money-saving insights we have discussed in your financial plan are brought to life.