Step 1.

Understanding your Questions

Of the questions on our home page, did any resonate with you? Are there others you wonder about that you didn’t see listed?

Our first step in working with you is to help you articulate and organize your unique set of questions. We accomplish this in three steps:

Initial Meeting

Have an initial (strictly confidential) meeting in which we discuss your family, work, lifestyle, plans for the future, hopes, dreams, and resources


After this initial meeting, we gather and analyze the “primary source documents” of your financial life, seeking to understand your current arrangements and what other options you might have available


We meet again to review our findings, which we express as your personal set of questions; should you choose to hire us to help with your financial planning, the main “deliverable” of our work is to identify the optimal answers to your questions, given your unique financial situation and how you want to live your life