How Can You Help Your Employees Bring Their Best Self To Work?

Financial Wellness Program

More than 40 percent of Americans admit financial stress makes it difficult for them to concentrate at work. [1]

While many companies offer a 401(k) match, investing thousands of dollars per year in each employees’ financial future, few companies help to address the day-to-day financial issues their employees face. Fewer than one in five Americans use a financial planner to advise them on money matters [2]. This is because the financial planning industry doesn’t serve most demographics. Almost two-thirds of Americans constantly worry about money problems [3]. Our turnkey financial wellness program gives your employees access to sound financial advisors who can help answer their questions and guide their savings. Here’s your opportunity to make a direct impact on your employees’ financial lives.

5 Reasons to Offer this Benefit to Your Employees

Under the shadow of the Great Resignation, it is more important than ever to retain good talent.  Financial Wellness Benefits are the most highly desired benefit by employees.  Give your people a benefit they’ll appreciate.  With a 97% satisfaction rating, you can be assured that your people will receive high value from this benefit.

Our program is designed specifically to help each of your employees address their financial concerns and stressors.  When they’re not stressed about money, they are more focused and productive at work.

Your employees will receive unbiased financial advice. One of the major barriers that employers and individuals have about offering or participating in a financial coaching service is that they don’t want to be sold something.  What is unique about our program is that it is not tied to any product or service offering and there is NO SALES PITCH.  We won’t ever try to sell your employees anything during the calls.

We have crafted our program to get maximum participation with minimal effort from you and your HR team.  We handle the scheduling, promotion details, tracking, and feedback so you know what is working at all times.

Our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals can help leverage your HR team’s time to educate your employees on their financial related benefits and help your employees make educated decisions from an unbiased perspective.


2-Part Annual Employee Benefit

1. Targeted financial education available to all employees tailored to meet employees at all levels of financial literacy


2. 1-to-1 semi-annual financial coaching calls


Each Financial Wellness Coaching Participant Receives

  • Access to tools and resources to get and stay organized
  • Answers to any of their financial questions
  • Targeted education
  • Accountability towards their goals
  • A judgment-free and confidential atmosphere to discuss their financial concerns
  • A customized action plan for short- and long-term goals:
    • 3-month plan
      • Personalized step by step action items
      • Sets in motion the 3-year and 30-year plans
    • 3-year plan
      • Create a detailed cash flow plan to achieve goals
    • 30-year plan
      • Walkthrough the general plan to reach these goals
      • Give a sense of the overall financial trajectory
      • Make suggestions to adjust the current trajectory as needed

Meet Your Coaches


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