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Andrew Lisi, CFP® CPWA®

Financial Planner

Andrew Lisi, CFP<sup>®</sup> CPWA<sup>®

As Financial Planner, Andrew comes alongside his clients, empowering them to be joyful and responsible stewards of their finances through a strategic financial plan that gives them confidence to achieve their goals and dreams.

After years in other careers, Andrew found his long-term passion in financial planning. He enjoys seeing clients put all of the pieces of their financial puzzle together for the first time, especially when working with individuals and families who seek to make an impact in the world by giving of their time, talent, and treasure.

Andrew is husband to his “ideal”, Stacy. Together, they have four wonderful children (yes, the house is very full). When he isn’t busy with work or playing with the kiddos, Andrew can be found reading something good, writing something reflective, spending time with Stacy, or playing basketball (that last one happens once a year now).

Andrew Lisi, CFP® CPWA®

Song: How Deep the Father’s Love
TV show: 30 Rock
Band/musician: Pearl Django
Food: Italian
Movie:  Family Man
Childhood memory:  Memorizing both Major League and Honey I Shrunk the Kids one summer
Sport: Basketball
Sports Team: Whatever team LeBron James is on
Athlete: LeBron James
Board game:  Settlers of Catan
Holiday: Christmas
Charity: My Local Church
Dessert:  Ice Cream
Place to visit: Italy
Book: Gilead
Author:  Marilynne Robinson
Candy: Sour Patch Kids

Other favorites that would help someone know you better:

Favorite TV Character is Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock by far, thus making Alec Baldwin one of my favorite actors. Favorite sound: my wife and children laughing