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Tammy Prim

Operations Lead

Tammy Prim
Tammy Prim

As Operations Lead, Tammy helps service client accounts.

As Operations Lead, Tammy helps clients implement their financial plans with efficiency, precision, and care. From getting an insurance policy issued exactly how it’s designed, to establishing investment accounts in the name of living and irrevocable trusts, to making sure IRAs have the correct beneficiary designations, Tammy is driven to treat all clients like close family and knows that details matter. Warm, engaging, capable, and sharp-witted, Tammy is an indispensable member of TNLPG.

Tammy is here to provide consummate service and be your advocate in areas that can otherwise be confusing and challenging.

On a Personal Note:

Tammy lives in Lombard and has two adult sons. She enjoys spending time with her friends, sewing, cooking, gardening, and playing board games. An eclectic individual, Tammy also enjoys many styles of music, sappy movies, and musicals.

Song: too many to list
TV Show: Criminal Minds, Code Black, Cutthroat Kitchen
Music Genre: classic rock and country
Food: Mexican, pot roast, salad
Movie: White Christmas
Childhood Memory: meeting my Grandpa for the first time when I was 5
Sport: ice skating
Athlete: Walter Payton
Board Game: any that makes you laugh
Muppet: cookie monster
Holiday: Christmas
Color: purple
Charity: any involving cats/dogs, feeding the hungry, childhood education, helping underpriviledged
Dessert: anything chocolate
Place to Relax: parents backyard
Fruit: strawberries, blueberries, oranges
Smells: fresh brewed coffee and freshly cut grass
Flower: single yellow rose