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Nick Santangelo

Client Service Associate

Nick Santangelo

As Client Service Associate, Nick brings clients’ plans to life. Whether by opening new accounts, moving assets from one place to another with care and precision, or carrying out a broad range of financial transactions, Nick is there to help with expert, friendly, and personal service.

Nick graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in personal financial planning and a minor in business administration. He is currently working to earn his Certified Financial Planner designation. Nick’s favorite aspects of financial planning are sceneario-planning in order to help others achieve their goals and spending time researching investments. While studying at the University of Missouri, Nick stayed busy by participating in several clubs and holding different positions within his fraternity. In his spare time, Nick enjoys watching sports (especially football), being around friends and family and golfing. Some of his other “favorites” are below. Nick is originally from the south suburbs of Chicago and currently resides in the Old Town neighborhood.

Nick Santangelo

Favorite Movie: The Blindside
Favorite Book: Hatchet
Favorite Food: Anything
Favorite Athlete (Current): Khalil Mack
Favorite Athlete (All-Time): Walter Payton
Favorite Sport: Football
Favorite Team: Da Bears
Favorite Candy: Sour Skittles
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite TV Show: Hard Knocks
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Hero: Batman
Favorite Artist: Blake Shelton
Favorite Dessert: My mom’s apple pie
Favorite Hobby: Golf
Favorite Pastime: Fantasy Football
Favorite Board Game: Risk
Favorite Vacation: The Caribbean