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Matthew Jellison

Support Advisor

Matthew Jellison

As Support Advisor, Matthew will be helping you get ready for your meetings with us and then take action the many different follow up items that stem from those meetings.

Matthew, along with his mixed lab, Griffin, has moved from Charleston, SC, and now resides in the city of Chicago. Matthew is a passionate Boston sports fan, who enjoys going to a plethora of sports games. When Matthew is not watching sports or being active outdoors, he enjoys expanding his knowledge about financial planning, along with spending time with his friends and family.

Matthew Jellison

TV show: Prison Break
Band/musician: Future
Food: Barbeque
Movie:  Troy
Childhood memory: Going to summer camp in Maine
Sport: Basketball
Sports Team: Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics
Athlete: Isaiah Thomas
Board game:  Monopoly
Holiday: Halloween
Charity: Alzheimer’s Research
Dessert: Cookie’s & Crème Milkshake
Place to visit: Boston, MA
Book: Extreme Ownership
Author:  Dr. Seuss
Candy: Milky Way